When it comes to human rights, words are not enough.

Beyond Words Documentaries is a non-profit organization for the production and distribution of educational films and media on environmental and human rights issues.

At Beyond Words Documentaries, we believe in true and unbiased stories. We fight for stories that need to be told. We fight for stories that can only be told by those who have lived them in person.

We work with local schools, universities, research groups, storytellers, journalists and experts to foster critical thinking and transform it into social action. We work alongside those affected by injustice and help them raise awareness to move people to take a stand.

How We Started

After working in technology, culture and education for 15 years between Italy, Canada and Germany, and as an activist for refugees’ and ethnic minorities’ rights, moving into social documentaries was but a natural evolution of my storytelling work. I aspire to create a legacy for my two children, Saverio and Niccolò, and future generations on the importance of being human.

Viviana Laperchia, Founder and Director

Why It Matters

I am a German Media Creative of Italian descent, and I love the art of documentary storytelling. I see Beyond Words Documentaries as a meaningful platform to give social issues and communities a voice (and an audience!), that unfortunately often falls short.

Nico Drago, Partner and Advisor

Our Purpose

We tell stories to move people to take a stand on freedom, justice, equality, tolerance, the environment and human rights at large.

Supporting Institutions

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